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Say What You Want Unity the Band
Always Been You Just Us
Touch Me Unity the Band
He Said Randi Fay
Down the Ranks He-Nis-Ra
Crystal Tears Randi Fay
One Soul For Sale Decivilize
Ain't No Man Alive Nici Peper
Heart In Your Hands Jeff Krause
Free My People Unity the Band
Love Is Randi Fay
Recording, mixing and mastering for your project, start to finish.
Create a recording that communicates you
Record as an ensemble or focus on each instrument one at a time.

Post-production treatment of your recorded material available.

Enjoy the mix and mastering treatment all your efforts deserve.
Add orchestral, choral or electronic ensembles to your work.
A bigger sound that fits your vision
When it's time to add some creativity:

Add a cello line, some electronica, or an orchestral arrangement.

How ever ambitious you are, we can expand your ideas to make it larger than life.
Songwriting and production to find what you've been missing.
A bigger sound that fits your vision
When you're not sure how to get there:

Session players are available.

Get songwriting advice.

Bespoke songwriting services are available.
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