recording, mixing and mastering

Bring your songs to life – create a sound all your own.

If you are a singer/songwriter with a guitar or a 12-piece horn band, White Raven can let your fans hear you like never before. Cutting edge recording and editing techniques assure a pristine performance while lush, vibrant mixes show every detail of your musicianship. A great selection of quality microphones capture your sound in great detail and a huge collection of samples and software instruments can season and enhance your sound. Create your masterpiece today!

songwriting and artist development

Let white raven help you find your own voice.

If you've ever asked yourself “are my songs good enough?” or “am I ready to record?”, then let White Raven help you answer “yes!” Producer Aaron Zinsmeister can help you take fledgling song ideas and turn them into a unique finished product, or polish that song that just needs an element or two to make it pop. If you have a song ready to go, but don't know the right players, White Raven can call on a variety of talented session players to make your vision happen. Don't put your creativity on the backburner – get your ideas out there!

Arrangement/scoring for ensemble

Go to the next level with a huge musical arrangement.

Sometimes your idea needs to be big. Sometimes you need a symphony orchestra, a percussion ensemble or something more avant-garde. Whatever your needs, White Raven can take your song and transform it into a huge affair. Arrangements will be delivered as sheet music, ready to play. If a recording is needed, let White Raven handle everything from facility and contracting, to the final master.

film, tv and game

Draw them in with custom music and sound design.

If you need some background music and sound effects for a corporate training video or a score to a full-length feature film, White Raven can make your visual media have impact like never before. Custom music composition, location sound recording, voiceovers and more – White Raven can make your video product stand above the rest.

commercial jingles

Make your advertising unforgettable

Have a great idea for an ad campaign, but don't know how to present it? Rather than rely on tired library music tracks, let White Raven create a custom jingle that instantly identifies your product to potential customers. With a great variety of vocal talent to choose from, White Raven can get the voice that you need and the style of music that gives the right impression of your products. Let us be your partner in making your business succeed!

and more...

Create something unexpected with custom audio solutions

Not sure where your idea fits in? Call us to discuss your audio project and we will help you make it a reality. If you can envision it, you can create it.

create something unexpected